Interface Committee for Turning Mills ...

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the sales of Turn mills. It is expected that the sales and manufacturing of Turn mills will be equivalent to those of NC turning machines and machining centers. However, the interface (connecting section between the tool holder and the spindle) does not employ a common standard. Therefore, in January of 2001 a committee (Interface Committee for Turn Mills, ICTM) was created to design a new open standard. ICTM members consist of a number of domestic tool & tool holder manufactures (As of Octocer 2004, there are 17 companies as members of the ICTM) As a result of this committee in October 2002, the ISO 12164-1:2001 HSK standard shank was developed. This particular standard offers high accuracy holders for turning holders. This standard can use the tool holder of the HSK-A type that prescribed with ISO, and can share the tool between turn-mill and machinig center. We, the member of ICTM, strive to ensure that customers have the choice of section.

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