Legal restrictions (patent rights) should be minimized so that all manufacturers and vendors for machine tools, tools, and tool holders can freely participate in the production and sales of spindle units and holders for rotary tools and lathe tools.
Barriers related to production technology should be minimal compared to those which exist for the interface for tool holders that are used with the currently available machining centers, without a great increase in the cost. (The interface should not require a large investment in equipment, should not result in complicated machining, and should have established, clear dimensional standards.)
The interface should assure that each of the manufactures and vendors for machines, tools, and tooling can promptly provide the users with information on specifications, prices, delivery, etc., as well as products.
In every situation related to production and sales, competition should prevail so as to benefit the users.
The interface should allow for the use of such holders for rotary tools as are currently in use with machining centers, etc. and which are manufactured by many vendors.